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In the state of Colorado is it legal for a car lot to sell me an "unsafe" vehicle even if its being sold in as is condition?

Loveland, CO |

Bought car 3 days ago, bought the warranty, the truck has no bolts holding the cab of the pickup onto the frame. Did buy it as is but is this different than being unsafe to drive?

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Selling the car to you as is does not mean that they can sell you an unsafe vehicle. That is what CO Lemon Law provisions are meant to protect against. Contact the car dealer first and if you do nof get satisfactiob contact an attorney. Good luck

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The lemon law only applies to new cars. As Mr. Leroi explained, though, "as
is" does not include "death trap." If the dealer will not refund or make
safe, or work with you, call the Better Business Bureau, Tom Martino, or
the Attorney General's consumer protection division. If they cannot help,
you can probably get a lawyer to help. But, the BBB and attorney general
are the first places I would go.


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I agree generally with the two prior posts. I would add:

1- If you write the dealer first, you may not write a proper letter, so, I would contact a consumer protection atty who handles lemon law and auto fraud matters in your area, which should help you from the start. I recommend Rick Wynkoop, 4410 Yates Street, Denver, CO 80212, PH - 720-855-0451; for this purpose.
2- If you "bought" a warranty, it is likely a service contract, but, this may give you additional rights.
3- Even IF CO lemon law does not cover used vehicles, federal lemon law does.
4- This may not be a lemon law claim at all, but, instead a consumer fraud claim.

Contact Mr. Wynkoop's office now, you'll be glad you did and feel free to tell him I said hello.

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