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In the event of favorable legal litigation I/ defendant was walking out courtroom and all of a sudden I glanced at D.A.

Oklahoma City, OK |

yells at me angrily "don't look at me! Putting me in a combative racist state of mind that shocked my conscience to a racist history of abuse in this country.For slaves were commanded to cast downward on their slave masters I am totally disturbed and shocked and mentally messed up behind this treratment

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It is unfortunate that this happened, however, I do not see a claim.

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To the extent that you are asking whether you can sue the DA for telling you not to look at him, I would say probably not. As an individual, he has fairly broad Free Speech rights permitting him to express even his most unsavory opinions. As an agent of the government, he has quite a few more restrictions on how he can treat you, or single you out based on race, but the actions you described do not sound as if he violated any of those restrictions on the government.

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