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In Texas if someone falsify paper work to get food stamps what can happen to that person?

Austin, TX |

My soon to be EX is claiming my kids live with her in one county when they live with me in another.

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They could be prosecuted by the district attorney for tampering with a governmental record, a Class A misdemeanor unless the actor's intent is to defraud or harm another, in which event the offense is a state jail felony.

More here:

Look specifically at section 37.10.

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So is it fine that I reported this to the Inspector General?

Jonathan Francis Winocour

Jonathan Francis Winocour


I assume you mean the OIG of HHS, and yes, it is fine. You could file a report with the DA for the county where the false paperwork was presented too. If HHS thinks it is serious enough, then it will institute proceedings against the perpetrator of the fraud.


This is food stamp fraud and can be a federal offense.

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Hmm, prison, overpayment status (and pay back)... not to mention, if the children are living with you, you can likely file for child support from her with your family court (or possibly your CS agency).

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