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In Texas how old does a child have to be before his parents have no say about where he lives,goes to school, etc?

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A 17 year old boy who has been physically abused with fists as well as mentally abused for years tried to leave home after his father told him to leave. His father declared him a runaway and had him picked up by the police. He does have a place to go with family where he will be safe. There have been multiple complaints made to CPS but results are always the same, no proof of abuse, because he had no marks on his body. He will be 18 in a few months and he wants to finish high school. No support or input would be required by his father, nor is it wanted.

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Look up the age of majority for texas on line

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I'm not sure if you have asked this question elsewhere, but because it is so similar, I will give you the same answer I gave to a very similar question.

He could also seek emancipation (removal of disabilities of minority) since he still has several months until he turns 18.

What exactly did your lawyer say that you do not have enough of a case for? Conservatorship? Visit your local law library and they can likely help you with forms to file a petition for emancipation, or you can review the Family Code for yourself.

Has he given a statement to CPS regarding abuse? Just because there are no marks on his body doesn't mean that CPS cannot take action. His statement alone may be sufficient to warrant action.

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