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In Texas, Is being pulled over for speeding the same as being detained?

Longview, TX |

I am trying to fill out an application to become a Law Enforcement officer, the question is "Have you ever been Detained by law enforcement?" I am trying to avoid looking bad if I can avoid it. So is being pulled over being detained? I was given a ticket a couple times and released a couple times too.

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When you are pulled over for a traffic violation, you are technically being detained by law enforcement because you are not free to drive away. You should explain this in your questionnaire. It is unlikely that a minor traffic violation would result in disqualification from being hired in law enforcement. However, misrepresenting even a minor detail on your application could be disastrous for you.

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Mr. Garbe is correct. You may be able to call the agency you are completing the application for to clarify what they are asking about.

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