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In South Carolina, does a 17 year old have the right to move out?

Waterloo, SC |

I am 17 years old. I have a bad home life. I need to know what rights I have to move out and if my parents are legally aloud to try to get me back. I feel helpless because my life at home keeps going downhill. I am independent, I have a job, I am involved in my school and make A's. I have every intention of moving out and supporting myself, I already have a place to go and my expenses are covered. I need to know, do my parents have a legal right to come get me?

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In South Carolina, it is a status offense to runaway from home if you under age 18. See S.C. Code Ann. § 63-19-20 (9) "Status offense" means an offense which would not be a misdemeanor or felony if committed by an adult including, but not limited to, incorrigibility or beyond the control of parents, truancy, running away, playing or loitering in a billiard room, playing a pinball machine, or gaining admission to a theater by false identification.”