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In sept a, BA anylist job posting and i applied but was told the posting was pulled. This is the second time this has happened.

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There was a job posting for a BA analist at my job. The posting went up and was in plain veiw for all employees to see. Within the two week posting there was no one who applied. At this point our company managers reposted the position, and had conversations with multipule employees within the company asking them to apply for the job. I was also asked by two members of upper management to apply for the position because this is more inline with my college degree. I'm not sure how many people if any other than me that applied. I was told i didnt get the job. There was no reason giving, other than the position was pulled. I've been with GC Services since i graduated from DeVry 6 years ago, I'm a collections manager.

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Employers are free to post job openings and pull those openings at any time. You'd only have a claim if the hiring decision was based upon your race, color, national origin, religion, gender, or age despite your qualifications for the position. For more info, see the link below from the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

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