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In rutherford County tn, have they stopped giving breatherlizer testing?

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i was arrested for a DUI this evening. i had an argument with a cashier at a convienince store and he got my licence # and called the police and told them i was under the influence. I parked at the other end of the parking lot to call the office and complain against the clerk. As i was talking to them, two oficers approached the car. They made me do a feild sobriety test, although I told them i had scoliosis and degenerative disk disease. I was very nervous as well becasue I felt extremely intimidated. He asked if I had had a drink today and I told the truth I had a drink with dinner, a few hours before I was arrested. The arresting officer told me since I smelled of alcohol, I was being arrested for a DUI. I wouldnt have been approached if it were not for the cashier calling them.

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Are you saying that they didn't make you submit to a PBT, breath test, or blood test? Typically, in Rutherford County they ask you for a blood draw.

If they did none of the above - and even if they did ask for a PBT - you stand a good chance of dismissal or a reduction of the charge. The basis for the "stop" is also subject to a viable attack.

Did they also charge you with Implied Consent?

In any event, you need to retain a skilled DUI defense lawyer. You will probably ultimately appear before Judge Ash - which is a fine jurist.

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