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In regards to the majority age for immigration purposes why is it 21 and not 18 years old?

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An American citizen can sponsor relatives after turning 21, why not 18? Also, Can the citizen petition 6 months before he turns 21 if there is a co-sponsor (income related)? Thanks

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That's the way it is. 21 and not 18. Most likely based on the same principle of the drinking age, due to the fact that our founders did not deem 18 years of age (as opposed to 21) to be a mature enough age for drinking hard liquor. The Immigration rules must have followed the same tradition and principles and also raise the bar for sponsoring to 21.

No, the USC CANNOT sponsor 6 months prior. In fact, can only sponsor at the age of 21, AND ONE (1) DAY. (Please don't ask me why..)

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Thanks for your answer Mr. Behar.


Ask your representative in the US House of Representatives and Senate ... they made the law that limits the sponsorship right to 21.

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Because that is what Congress decided.

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That is what Congress decided.

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Ask Congress.

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My colleagues are right.

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