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In regards to privacy, can someone else video tape you if they are on your property and you have clearly asked them not to?

Kittitas, WA |

My ex-husband's girlfriend insisted on video taping me as they picked up my children for the Easter holiday rotation more just to spite me and get under my skin. I told her to please put the camera down, I did not wish for her to have photos or videos of me. Her reply, was "oh no, I am documenting everything!" They are parked in my driveway while this very evil person who has caused my chlidren and I nothing but grief over the past 2 years is videoing me in front of my house. I am very concerned with what she will do with pictures of me and want any thing she has taken to be deleted. She has done this once before at a school function she insisted on taking pictures of me without me knowing until I found out later. What are my rights? This woman has a very manipulating disposition.

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One right that you may likely have at your disposal, should the other party attempt to use, exploit, or publish any of the video is the so called "right of publicity". Generally speaking, this right allows one to control the use of one's own image. Hence, should the need arise, you may attempt to use this right, which varies from state to state, to bar the other party from whatever course they are taking.

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