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In regards to lawyers getting money to bribe the judge on an open, close case.....

Renton, WA |

I would like to know why is it that when someone who is not a citizen of a U.S Teritory gets involved in a assault with a deadly weapon type of case is not deported back to his home of citizenship, but is kept in jail with his case being called back month after month for a whole year; Now the defense attorney's office is making phone call's to the accused's Elderly parents in America to try to get money to help with the accuse's case, as they say in the phone calls that are placed to the parents and siblings of the Accussed. They are claiming that the money is to bring before the judge to help them "help the Accuse" with his case in letting the judge know that the money is to help pay for the victims bills". The Accuse doesn't even know about what they're asking for of his family.

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Attorney answers 1


I can tell you are extremely frustrated by this situation. If you feel that there is some wrongdoing by the judge or the lawyers involved, you can ask for an investigation by the Commission on Judicial Conduct or the Washington State Bar Association Ethics Counsel. You can also ask to speak to the editor of your local newspaper. Each of these entities works as a watchdog to detect and report ethical wrongdoing.