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In regards to defereed action, I do not have a GED or diploma. but Currently in College

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ive taken some of the GED tests but i am not ready to take all. I currently attend Community college. I will take the final GED exam (math) when I am ready. Would I qualify under the "currently in school" requirement? Also, I have the 245I documentation (filed in 1997). If I get denied for Defereed Act. , can this have a negative effect if i ever attempt to adjust my status via marriage? with the use of my 245I? I know I have 245I because I am the beneficiary of a previous petition (1998) and my siblings have since married and adjusted their status in months. I am also looking for an attorney to take on my case, especially because I had 2 traffic tickets that I did not pay until 4 years later. (driving without a license).Paid all tickets sorry for the typos :) thank u for your time

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You will qualify for deferred if you are currently enrolled. Resolve your ticket situation as you do not want warrants at the time you apply.


Currently in a GED program is good.

Your 'disregard' for the law and the court system can be a problem.

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I agree with my colleagues.

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