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In regards to a Child Custody Investigation, what happens if the Non-Residential parent doesn't come up with her portion in time

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We have been to court once, about a month ago, and we were court ordered to have a Child Custody Investigation done and that we were each to come up with $375 in two weeks and that was yesterday, and the Court Order even said it was to be paid by April 23 2014 or the party that didn't pay would be contempt, but the mother didn't get it in on time! She apparently called the investigator and told him she wouldn't be able to make it up to his office that day to bring the money, even though she had 2 weeks to do so, the same as I did, and I was able to come up with it. Will her being late make her contempt or will they let it slide?? If that is the case, I don't think that is fair to me that I scrounged up that money over the time I was given and got it in on time but she can't??

I just don't know if they will let her have extra time to bring the money in since she had been in contact with him or not, but still isn't fair! Can I make it to where in the end, she is made pay me back all of the money I am spending because she is dragging on the process? There is no reason for her to be fighting for our daughter. She knows she can't take care of her or provide for her like I can, she just wants to have child support coming in from me and then it doesn't get used on my daughter!

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