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In Real Estate Case can the wife be the witness for the Defendant? he does not hire attorney decided to defendant himself

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Deceased Mother-in law never wrote a WILL, but the sister-in law says mother wrote a WILL on her.
My husband is the Defendant. My Sister in law is the Plaintiff has a forged WILL.
My husband fights the case by himself so can I be witness for him

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Anyone can be a witness in a case but their testimony may carry little weight if the proper questions are not asked in the correct form. For example, if your husband asks you a bunch of leading questions he could unkowingly destroy his own case. Follow the suggestions of attorneys on this site. Hire a lawyer.

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Your husband should hire an attorney to represent him in this matter. Your husband would not think of operating on himself if he needed surgerty - why would he represent himself if he is not a lawyer?

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You need an attorney to start to find what is wrong with picture. If the court takes a dim view of what is being presented or doesn't understand your case will fail at lease give yourself a chance and get someone who has experience and training.
Good Luck

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This is not a case for a layman to try and litigate. Call the Seattle and WA bar associations for referrals to probate attorneys.

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