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In PA, a friend just got a 3rd DUI 8 years after his last one. Will this 8 years of clean record what will the penalties be?

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I do not practice in PA, but I may offer some general advice. No one can tell you what your friend's exact sentence will be. There are just too many factors involved to give that kind of advice in a forum like Avvo: factors about your friend (age, employment, criminal history, etc.); facts about the judge, the prosecutor, the jurisdiction, etc. Even when an attorney has all that information, the best an attorney can do is offer an educated guess.

If you want to know the ranges of penalties in PA, go to the following link:

Otherwise, your friend should consult with local, experienced DUI attorneys. S/he may be able to find such an attorney through the National College for DUI Defense: Most initial consultations are free. So, your friend have nothing to lose at first. Further, your friends' chances of successfully negotiating a deal he can live with or defending against the charges increase exponentially with an attorney.

Good luck!


I do not practice in Pennsylvania and no one can give you anything but a possible range of punishments.Your friends best bet is to hire a DUI Attorney to handle the case.Go to for an attorney near you. Justin McShane is a great DUI Attorney in Pennsylvania and could better answer these DUI questions.

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