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In Oregon;does a legal means exist to gain ownership of a property,if one believes it is being used a drug growing enterprise?

Eugene, OR |

Is there a legal method of gaining ownership of a property,one rents at;if one believes owners are using same property for illegal marijuana growing?

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If your question is: If I am a landlord and I am renting my property to individuals who I think are violating the law can i re-take possession of the property, then you may want to check in with a landlord tenant lawyer. It could be cause for eviction, you'd probably need actual proof and not just a hunch. Medical Marijuana is also legal in this state so it is entirely possible that the grow is legal.

Karen J Mockrin

Karen J Mockrin


Asker: This is a really good answer to your question. It sounds like you are a landlord, and you would need to prove your case. If you are not a landlord, and you just want possession of land you think is being used, you can't just motion to take it. You can always call the police with whatever knowledge you have, but the criminal matter would be up to them and the district attorney. If there is criminal drug activity going on, those convicted might be required to forfeit their property, but not to you.


There are many means by which one can take a property. The attorneys who responded here, though, bring up the fact that you are going to need to supply an attorney with more information before he or she can give you a good answer. Do you own the property? Do you possess it? Are you someone trying to buy or rent this property? Etc. What you are trying to do will change what you can do with this information. It might be something that is useful to know, but doesn't make a world of difference, or it could be something that is the lynch pin of your case. My point is, get in touch with an attorney directly and get this squared away. Feel free to call our office if you would like a recommendation to an attorney who specializes in the area of law related to your goals.


As a tenant, you can move out. The landlord's actions may be a violation of your lease, and in that case you may be entitled to money fromt the landlord, but not the actual property. Instead, if owner is using property for an illegal drug operation, the government may do a civil forfeiture where they take ownership of the property. So it would go from your landlord to the government, not you.

Posting details about a criminal case in a public forum is dangerous and could seriously damage your defense. Your anonymous questions could be tracked back to you by the prosecution. When in doubt, it may be a better idea to email or call a local attorney with a question rather than post it online.

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