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In NY what does restored mean in a divorce case?

Mastic, NY |

I live in NY and I would like to know what does it mean when a judge restored my divorce case,does that mean I am divorced?

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A restoration means the matter is back on the court's calendar. This does not mean you are or are not divorced. This matter can be restored pre judgment or post judgment, but the way you say it, it seems it is pre judgment and you are not divorced.

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Can't say for certain based upon the information that you have provided, With that said, it probably means that the case was inactive and it has not been restored to active status. That would not mean that you are divorced at this time.


The court has various calendars--discovery, trial, etc.... Sometimes a case is taken off a calendar due to inactivity, non-appearance of a party, etc.... The term "restored" generally means that a case that was taken off/marked off a calendar is put back on the calendar and is an active case. It would not mean that you are divorced. If you have an attorney representing you, consult with him/her about the status of your case.


It means restored to the calendar. It may have been taken off for some reason, then some action put it back on.

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It means the case is back in court. Consult with a local divorce lawyer to help you. You are not divorced if the case was restored.

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No - your case is back on the calendar after having been struck off.

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It means that your case was taken off the active case list for some reason and now the Court has restored it to the active case list. It does not mean you are divorced.


As my colleagues state, it has merely been restored to the court's calendar.


It means that at some point the case was marked off the court's calendar and now it is back on the court's calendar for some reason. Having the case restored to the calendar does not necessarily mean that you are divorced.


"Restored" is simply a term that means that your case went from an inactive status (there are different types) to an active status. It may have been marked "dismissed" or some other category. It means your case can or is moving forward again.

Cory Rosenbaum, Esq.

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