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In NY State, does there have to be a formal accounting distribution of the will given to the heirs? There is just my husband and

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his sister who is the executor. She gave him a check for half of one account, and claims that's the only account he's entitled to half of. In an addendum to the will, his mother left his sister the other accounts ( were put in her name prior to mother's death), however my husband has no idea of what was in any accounts. We feel she has no intention of providing any documentation.
Do all wills in NY State have to go through probate?

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You need to repost this in the NY Avvo forum. In CO, a will has to go through probate if estate assets exceed $60,000 or there is real property that needs to be probated. Normally, in a formal probate, there needs to be a very meticulous final accounting. Even in an informal probate, there needs to be an initial accounting and a final accounting. However, I am not sure what the requirements are in NY state.

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