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In New York, can a 17 year old move out of state without parental consent?

Rome, NY |

I have a job, plenty of money, and can provide for myself. I also have an apartment with my 18 year old boyfriend waiting in South Carolina. I'll be purchasing a car in march and am planning to leave by july. Is there any way I can leave without getting my boyfriend or I into legal trouble? If leaving is considered "running away" and I call in with my parents every 3 days can they still consider me missing? I can't stand to live with my parents any longer , they don't even want me to keep my job and be responsible. I refuse to live like a scum of society. I feel that getting involved with the law will just be pointless considering my age. Is there any way I can go about this?

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Your parents only have what is in your best interest. In any event, a court can legally declare you emancipated if you are under 18 and have sufficient means to provide for yourself. As for intimacy with your 18 year old boyfriend, the age of consent is 17 in NY. I do not know about South Carolina.

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Try asking a family law attorney what steps you need to take to become emancipated.

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Leaving your parents home may be an issue. If you want to emancipate yourself, file a petition in family court and ask to be emancipated.