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In Nevada I only have 10 days to file a response, to object the master recommendations.. Do I count the weekends or only weekday

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Under the NRCP any time deadline under 11 days is counted by only judicial days


You count the weekdays that the court is open, do not include holidays.


As this is a child support court matter, it is ten calendar days, not ten court days.

The time frames for child support court are statutory, not rule based.

The procedural rules say that you do not count weekends and non-court days if it is ten days or less.

There is no comparable statutory rule, so it is ten calendar days.


How to calculate time for filing a response in Nevada:

When served with legal paperwork in Nevada that requires a response, a party must know when the response is due and how to calculate the time for that response. Nevada has a clear defined rule on the calculation of time which can be located at Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure 6 aka a NRCP 6. NRCP 6 states that if the period to file a response is less than eleven (11) days, the intermediate Saturdays, Sundays, and non judicial days are not included in the calculation. If the time for response is more than eleven days, those days would be included. Where the document requiring a response is sent by mail or electronic means, the rules specifically allows for an additional three days for filing a response. NRCP 6(e). Further the day that the act, event or default occurs from when the period of time is to start is not to be included in the calculation.

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