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In my religion its forbidden ti meet the bride can i get 1 without meeting my fiancée

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in my religion its forbidden ti meet the bride can i get 1 without meeting my fiancée

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Your question is incomplete. Can you "get one"? Fiancé visa? You should seek the guidance of an experienced immigration attorney.

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Perhaps, you need to contact competent immigration counsel to help you prepare the application.

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If you're talking about the K-1 fiancee visa, it is normally a requirement that you meet your fiancee before you petition for the visa. But there is a waiver possible if meeting would violate your fiancee's culture or social practices. You could try seeking one of those waivers, and if that doesn't work the alternative is to marry first and then sponsor you fiancee (now wife) for an immigrant visa. I strongly recommend you hire a good immigration attorney to help you decide what to do and then help you with any visa petitions or applications you decide to file.

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Assuming you are referring to getting a fiancee visa, yes, it is possible to get a fiancee visa without meeting your fiancee in person. The usual rule is that to get a fiancee visa one must have met the fiance(e) in person. However, an exception to this rule may be made for religious or social customs that forbid fiancees from meeting prior to the wedding. See the link below for the requirements for a fiancee visa. I suggest you retain an attorney to help you with the application for a fiancee visa.

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Get one what?

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