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In Michigan, what is the minimum amount of child support that can be paid to the other parent in the following circumstances?

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We both are employed full-time, but get some food stamps and Medicaid. My ex-husband and I have legal custody of our three children. However, my ex-husband has physical custody of our sons though I have them 45% of the time. I have physical custody of our daughter with him having her 26% of the time. My daughter and one of our sons have special needs.

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There are required factors to calculate the Michigan Child Support Guilelines. The most important is the gross income for the parties which is then plugged into the program to calculate the amount of child support. The percentage of time will be converted to number of days. One must also review the Judgement of Divorce for further guidence.


Child support is determined by the Child Support Guidelines. If you do not have a lawyer to help you, you should consider asking the Friend of the Court to explain the numbers to you.