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IN Md, can an employee reducehours to nothing, without cause, from a f/t hire position? I am disabled (Speech/Lang/ect).

Baltimore, MD |

The person I work for owns his own business and has about 7 employees. I worked for him to establish his business...taking public transportation. Never late or absent...just a few times lately, due to verified illness.
I once worked part time, now work full time since 10/2010.
My employer started hinting that I should get another job. Stated that I didn't seem happy there. Whent hat didn't wash, he started sying he ws getting cmplioants from our customers (w/o names, times, dates). I have not been coached or counseled. He said I dropped somethng in the hsop and someone else picked it up before I had timet o put the things in my hands away to clean up the mess.
I am legally disabled: Speech/Lang/occupational. I have a Batchelor's degree in MD. My mom is writing this for me.

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Any employer can fire any employee for any reason or no reason unless it violates a specific statute or a contract. In this case, the issue is whether the Americans with Disabilities Act applies and if so whether the employer has provided a reasonable accommodation. If your employer is an ordinary employer, it may not be covered under the ADA because it appears to have fewer than 15 employees (a requirement.)

Discriminating against workers also violates Maryland law and local laws and if the employer discriminated against (not saying he did or did not), you may be able to sue under local law in Maryland for wrongful termination.

Good luck!