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In Maricopa County what else can I do while I wait for a judge to rule on a change of venue motion? Modification for parenting

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time was placed on hold until the judge rules on the motion for change of venue. During our last court hearing the judge said & it was noted in the ME "The parties are encouraged to communicate regarding the child & agree on a reasonable parenting time schedule for Father" since then my ex will not return any of phone calls or emails I have not seen my child or spoken to her in months. It't only been a little over a month since I responded to change of venue motion & I was told that judge has 60 days to rule. I continue to pay child support & I pay for medical insurance as well. Is there any other motion I can file so that I can see my child? My case transferred from state of FL to AZ & we do not have anything in place yet with AZ I was in the process of but it was placed on hold until

the jugde rules on change of venue.

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Be patient. No there is nothing you can do but wait, but you will be able to bring the other parties refusal to allow you access to your child to the judge's attention.

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Mr. Sampair is correct. Unfortunately the amount of time it may take for a matter to move through the family law system can be maddening, but it is important that you document this issue of Father's failure to communicate.


It is unclear whether you registered your judgment/orders concerning your fmaily case with Arizona, and it may prove important to ensure you have all your ducks in a row to ensure the court has everything necessary to proceed in this matter. Either way, Mr. Sampair is absolutely correct, as the most difficult yet important thing to do in many family matters is to wait. All things in due time.