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In Louisiana, can an heir , who is estate administratrix of an intestate succession , move property lines around to benefit self

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an administratrix , also and heir of succession, moved property lines around and bought property to benefit self without getting other heirs permnission to move property lines.

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The administratix has a fiduciary duty to the co-heirs. The courts give great latitude to the administratrix. Removing the administratrix is extremely difficult but if you can prove what you allege, you may be able to undo things. The problem of course is that the administratrix can fight you with your own money while you will have to hire your own attorney. Hopefully you have a good relationship with any other heirs.

This response does not creat an attorney client relationship. In all cases, I recommend you seek a paid consultation with an attorney with expertise in this area.


I agree with Mr. Conroy. I would focus in the fiduciary duty that the administratrix has. You should, at minimum, consult with an attorney as quickly as possible. Even paying the consultation fee, without future representation, would likely be worth the knowledge and understanding that you can obtain.

Best of luck.

Joshua S. Guillory

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