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In litigation for a credit card debt, would like to settle to hav ethe case over and done with, what % of debt

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is acceptable to offer? Also if the other party rejects my offer, will me offering to settle consititute as an admission? Would they be able to use my offer against me in the lawsuit? And would telling them that I'm close to filing for bankruptcy help them accept my offer?

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It depends on the details of you case. My best advice is to start low. Very low.

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They could not use your offer against you. Offers to compromise are inadmissible to show liability.

I'm not sure that telling them you are close to bankruptcy would help. Most people being sued for credit card debts are close to bankruptcy, and they have heard that a million times.


I agree with the other attorneys, but all that being said, make your best effort to settle with them and try to start off with a very low offer, letting them know that you have other debts and are close to bankruptcy is not a bad thing if that is true, it certainly can't hurt your settlement negotiations.

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