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In January I was fired from my job for someone else's mistake and then re hired an hour late due to inaccurate investigation.

Waynesboro, PA |

I was fired and rehired within an hour due to no accident report being filled out and no investigation conducted from a corporate level. I was placed out of service for 3 days and then I had to wait an additional 4 days until I called corportate and was place back into service. Since then I have felt harrassed and under a microscope. I am now out of service after being accussed of sleeping on the job which I was not!! I was told I would be contacted within 24hrs and it has been 72. This is causing financial hardship as well as emotional hardship on myself and wife and children. I believe I have been wronged and targeted by upper management at my terminal. What can I do??

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Get a new job. This is Pennsylvania, and you basically have no rights under this situation (unless it's a union job, in which case talk to the union).


If you are not a union employee, you can be fired "at will" except for limited causes of action usually found in the area of discrimination: different treatment because of your race, sex, age, disability, nation origin, color or religion. Also, have you taken a medical leave lately? There are not enough facts here to determine whether one of these actions is viable or if something else is going on. My experience tells me there is more to the above story, whether it be discrimination or otherwise.


As Mr. Thomas says, get another job. Don't let someone else determine your destiny and your family's well-being. Take charge of your life. Learn from this experience and move on. Good luck.

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