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In Illinois for a bedsore how long do i have to file a lawsuit against a hospital

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You should consider contacting a local attorney to discuss this. Most will consult with you for no fee.



I know that how long do i have to file a suit against the hospital for a bedsore

Aaron Earl Morgan

Aaron Earl Morgan


Give my colleague Tom Florek a call. 312/725-4886. He'll be able to talk you through this.


You should always contact an attorney in a situation such as this. In nursing home or hospital negligence cases, bedsores can be actionable, but there are many things that affect whether the entity is liable and the amount of damages possible.

The time limit for filing may be affected by other factors too. While the general rule is two years from the date of injury, continuing treatment, disability, incompetency, and other things can stay this period of time for a limited time period.

As I said, do not even think about doing this yourself. These are complex matters, best left to a professional.

Stephen L. Hoffman
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Generally two years.


2 yrs

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Depending on the hospital, the statute of limitations for this cause of action, negligent care leading to a bed sore, may be either two years or one year from the date of the alleged negligent act(s). This assumes that the patient was not under a legal disability at the time of this incident or was a minor at the time. In Illinois it is required that a plaintiff suing a hospital for negligence causing injury to a patient must obtain a statement of a physician specializing in the same area of medicine to which you complain certifying that the care given to this patient was below the standard of care and was a cause of the patient's injuries.

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