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In Illinois, what is the definition for undue hardship, also per sos what are the reasons,in detail, that you can be offered rdp

Arlington Heights, IL |

I need help Ive been sober 2 years.
I cant affor a lawer. is there in print and ansewer to above questions

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I feel for you. I am sorry you cannot afford an attorney. I suggest contacting the Secretary of State Administrative Hearings Department at (217) 782-7065. You may request an "informal hearing" where they will review your driving record, treatment records and may be able to tell you what you need performed if they deny you. They will normally go through their checklist first to see if you have all the appropriate paperwork before an informal hearing takes place.

You need to gather your driving arrest history, any criminal history, alcohol and drug treatment history. You need to have all these documents together and all your court documents, breath test results if they exist etc. You need to have a complete idea of your drinking history from 12 months before your first arrest through today, what networks you have now for staying away from drinking and driving.

You cannot have a post here that would give you all the information you need. This should not be viewed in any way as legal advice because it is not anywhere near complete and we have not established any attorney client relationship.

If you are denied at an informal hearing I would suggest saving up for an attorney and ask them about credit card or payment plan information. many attorneys are flexible and will offer payment plans if you show that you have an ability to pay over time.

Good luck to you. I wish you all the best.

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