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In Illinois, some felonies can be expunged and others can only be sealed. What is the point in " sealing " records?

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When I "sealed" my felony, I was told that a potential employer would see only that my record had been sealed. Only those in law enforcement, health care and child care fields of employment can actually access and reveal what that original conviction was. While interviewing, I have been asked by more than three interviewers after answering " yes I have a 34 yr old felony conviction but it has been sealed", "Well, what was the charge?" I feel that the whole objective to having my record " sealed " ( due to the fact that it did
not fall under the criteria to be expunged ) was to eliminate the need to discuss or disclose the nature of this only charge on my background. When I explain this to the employer, the response has been " We will get back to you " and the interview abruptly ends.

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Sealing your record is a good thing to do, however, it only applies to government records. Due to the private databases out there, expunging and sealing is not as effective as it once was. These private companies often retain information after the government seals or expunges the official records.

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