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In Florida law, can a non-licensed individual ( in the practice of law ) be a partner in a law firm?

Winter Park, FL |

I am not currently, nor do I plan ever to be, licensed in the practice of law in the State of Florida. However, I wish to open up a law firm with a licensed attorney and be a partner in the law this allowable in Florida Law?

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No, in order to be a partner in a law firm you must be a member of the Florida Bar.

This is not to be considered legal advice nor does an attorney-client relationship exist.


There are ethical requirements on the licensed attorney that prevents him/her from owning a law firm with a non-lawyer and sharing legal fees with a non-lawyer. That does not prevent the two of you from owning a consulting firm, which is technically not a law firm. The licensed attorney just has to follow the ethical rules of making it clear that (s)he is not acting as an attorney for clients.