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IN FLORIDA < Can I be made to pay past age 18 if my Divorce degree says support ends at 18, when child still in school till 19,

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My child is turning 18 soon, my divorce degree filed in 2004 states support ends at age 18, My child wont graduate till age 19, Can I be made to pay till then , I know a new law went into effect in 2011 in FL, as to date s givin on support orders as to dates they are to end and when and to whom child the support should end on and to how much support is to drop depending on how many children were in the order at time it was filed, I need to know Am I required by law to pay till age 19 now because of that new law. as My degree says 18 prior to the new law in 2011 , the law is so confusing .could you explain please. My attorney saying if she dont file by his age 18, then when he turns 18 she cant file after that to get child support till he reaches 19 and graduates , is that correct?

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Your attorney's advice is correct.

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Listen to your attorney. She clearly knows what she is doing and is protecting you.

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My attorney said if the ex wife doesn't file before his 18 birthday. Then when he files the income deduction order to stop thru my job. After he turns 18. Then she can not file to receive support past age 18 Even if he graduates at age 19. That what I need to know is if my attorney is correct. I feel my attorney caused me to pay more support on 1 child than the state requires I am paying 800.00 a month now. All because she wanted that. Not because I agreed and he said just give her what she wants. I feel I can't trust my attorney. Is why I am asking if he is correct on if she don't file at all then by time he turns 18 as per my degree then when I do file to end deduction She can't get another year of support out of me based on the new law.

Carin Manders Constantine

Carin Manders Constantine


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It appears as if you are represented by an attorney. You attorney has all the facts in your case and is in a better position to give you the advice you need. You should listen to your attorney.

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