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In family court are hand written papers signed by 2 parties and their lawyers legal binding documents?

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My ex-husband and I have been in a very long dispute. I went to increase my child support for our son & he started harassing me, then my son (13) refused to go for visits. My ex took me to court for enforcement of orders and on the day of our trial, before the trial started he said he will drop everything if my husband agrees to adopt my son. They needed an immediate answer. I & my husband agreed, I was very upset and did not have time to think. Our lawyers wrote up some papers saying I am to save my child support for 6 months to pay for the adoption. If I do not file for the adoption I am not to receive child support for one year, plus I will be responsible for his attorneys fees. These papers were not signed by a judge.

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You need to talk to your attorney.

Generally, if everyone signed and it is in the court's file it is binding. Now that you have had time to calm down and think, call your attorney and schedule an appointment in his office. Go over what you signed and discuss everything in detail. If your child does not want to visit his father then perhaps a step-parent adoption is a good thing. I don't know the details of your case so I cannot voice an opinion in your case. However, your attorney should be able to discuss the pros and cons of your case.

You were being taken to court for enforcement. You had obviously violated the court's orders. His attorney was going to ask for you to be ordered to pay his attorney's fees.

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This is definitely an issue that should speak with an attorney about so that he/she can take a look at the documents before giving advice.


You should refer your questions to your attorney. If you are not satisfied, then you can consult with another attorney. Your situation is complex and it is not possible to give you advice without seeing the documents are reviewing your overall situation.

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