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In Ct Order - ex needs to stay sober - when tested, how am I assured that he is being witnessed when alcoho test is administere

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when taking a urine test - it is easy to replace urine with someone elses. Is there a type of test that can assure me accurate results without the ability to taint results?

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It appears from your description of facts that a Court Order has been entered requiring your ex to submit to drug testing by submitting urine samples. The manner in which he/she must submit to testing may or may not be detailed in the Court Order. That would be the place to look to determine if your ex is complying with the Court Order by submitting to appropriate testing. Any licensed testing center where your ex is submitting the samples should have safeguards in place to prevent any tampering.

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Many Thanks for response. It is not specified - he is supposed to go to Court appt monitor but has not. If he uses his Therapist, what do you think are the chances of safe testing? I go to Court in Nov. What should I be asking to have implemented into the Order so I can feel at ease that testing is being done without any manipulation?

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