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In county jail on hold for for ice

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i have a friend that is in the county jail right now that is from honduras, and is on hold for ice, what his mom told me he had been deported before, will ice give him the opportunity to hire a lawyer before getting deported or there is possibilities at all, and how long does it usually take before ice can pick them up in jail, and before they get sent back to their country.

can we hire a lawyer to try and get him out of the county jail, or there is no way since he has a hold on ice? and how long does it ususally take before ice can pick somebody up from a county jail? can a lawyer still try and do something about it even if he is under ice's detention??

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An experienced immigration lawyer should review his situation as soon as possible. A prior deportation order can be reinstated and a previously deported noncitizen may be deported without being given a new hearing. But there are cases in which this does not happen. Whether your friend has any relief available from deportation at this time will depend on a variety of factors, so have the family consult with a good immigration lawyer.

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Well, unfortunately they will not provide him a lawyer for immigration. You might want to hire one familiar with deportation and criminal issues asap.

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The government does not provide legal counsel for people in removal proceedings. He does have the opportunity to hire counsel. This would be an especially prudent move if he's been previously deported.

Many times ICE will attempt to "reinstate" the prior order of removal. This means no immigration court and summary removal. ICE won't take too long, usually a week or two, to get this process complete.