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In Connecticut, can a pension or SSI be garnished for mortgage payments? The divorce is uncontested.

Danbury, CT |

Married 20 years, husband employed at different places jobs lasted max 3 years he is 58, wife is 68 and has some medical issues, had 2 jobs for 21 years. Wife is retired after 41 years of teaching high school, husband has chosen to remain unemployed most of the marriage, working on a web business a 15 year project. No web site making money yet.

Pension is State Teachers Retirement, CT. SSI after Windfall Elimination Provision about 600/month. Husband stopped contributing to expenses a year ago. She will quit claim house to him and agrees to pay mortgage in full for 3 months, as rent and then half of it for another three months so he has a chance to take it over fully or sell it. This question is related to whether he decides to just sit in it and make no payments.

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Your question really is a question to be posed to a debt/consumer credit attorney, not a divorce/family law attorney. While the situation may have arose as a result of a divorce, the family courts cannot address debt issues that you pose.