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In colorado got a DUI w restitution. Restitution has now gone to a collection agency.does that have to be paid to get my license

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Depends, call DMV to see if there is any outstanding holds to be sure.

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Generally restitution will not prohibit you from getting your license in CO especially if the restitution is for the chemical test. You should have been able to get your license prior to the restitution going to collections unless you are considered a habitual traffic offender. Call DMV an verify there are no holds on your license. You will have to go through the process to clear your license in CO even if you do not plan of obtaining a CO license. This will release any holds that other states will honor.


Because you were driving with a FL license at the time you got the DUI, you will have to comply with FL laws. You should hire a FL attorney to help you with this matter. In most states, if you are sued because of a driving incident, and a judgement is entered against you, your license will become suspended if the winner of the judgement notifies the DMV that you have not paid the lawsuit amount. You may not be able to get your license back unless and until you pay restitution or make arrangements to pay. Every state has unique driver's license rules and regulations. Get a FL lawyer.

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