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In Cochise county juvenile court what sanctioning actions are allowd on an absconded 17 yr old release from detention

Bisbee, AZ |

After my son was accepted into the drug court program for his benefit the judge had asked us to give it a try. We were doing well but at the end the 1st phase i had to have surgury,then due to lack of employment my vehicle was repossessed. We were unable to make drug court and I had informed through all proper channels prior to the appt time.
The judge had charged me with contempt anyway and I am to serve 10 days in county.I have no priors.Drug court team members despite us following all the rules refused to advance my son to the next phase.Ultimately he had abconded and was picked up almost 6 mo later. He has been in detentention over 30 days and will see the judge next week.The judge had given me up to a year to serve the 10 of course I haven't yet .how do I do this

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If you want any chance of avoiding serving your 10 days in jail, you should immediately contact an attorney in your area who can handle your case. Being held in contempt of court is a serious matter. You may be able to negotiate weekend jail if that's possible in your county.

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