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In Chicago IL can I get unemployment if offered a position paying 23,000 less. I decided not to take the position.

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My ED decided to restructure and create (Supportive service Director)a new position doing the same things that I was doing as(Program Director) he claimed I did not have enough experience or credentials (10 years experience and a B.A) i have been with this company 7 years and 2 years in the current position. I asked for new job description he could not find it. I was then offered a position doing something different (Case Manager) was offered a demotion paying $23,000 less than my salary and I had to the end of day to take the offer. I had just returned to work from a vacation and this is what I was hit with. I asked the employer if I didn't take offer would I be eligible for unemployment he said that he would not contest it he lied. Do I qualify for unemployment due to a good cause.

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Under the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act, a person may be disqualified from unemployment insurance benefits due to voluntary leaving without good cause attributable to the employer. However, a material adverse change in the terms and conditions of the employment may constitute good cause attributable to the employer.

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Mr. Glickman is correct. If it is a substantial reduction in your salary, you may be eligible for benefits. Unfortunately, the fact that your employer lied is of no consequence.

Best of luck to you.

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