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In case of divorce is my wife entitled to money from my personal injury settlement

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You should post this in the family law category rather than personal injury.

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It depends. Often, this is something negotiated as part if the divorce. It also may depend upon when the incident occurred and the type of damages gained.

Definitely consult both you injury and divorce lawyer to get a good answer.

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Yes, your wife might be entitled to a portion of your settlement, but that is not written in stone. Many factors go into the determination of if, and if so, how much. If you are in divorce proceedings, you need to discuss this matter with your attorney.


It all depends. Make sure your settlement agreement insulates as.much of the money towards pain and suffering as possible.

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generally yes she is but we cannot tell you how big a piece she gets.

were you injured before the marriage or during? did the marital estate pay any medical or other injury related expenses?

does part of this represent lost wages? if so, it could be utilized for child support or alimony purposes.

there are many factors to consider. we cannot give a definite answer here.


It is considered an asset of the marriage. How much she gets, if any, would depend on many factors.


Typically yes unless there is a formal agreement addressing otherwise. .

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Perhaps. Best bet is to speak to your divorce lawyer.

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