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In California, how long does a wet reckless violation stay on my driving record?

Mojave, CA |
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A VC 23103 violation, commonly known as a wet reckless, will stay on DMV your record 10 years because it is priorable if you get another DUI in that 10 year period.


10 years.


A wet reckless, or any other criminal conviction, stays on your record forever. It only leaves when you have it expunged (you'll need to hire a DUI lawyer for this), which is usually good enough for what most people want. An expunged conviction no longer exists to most people (private parties), but it does stay on your record for government purposes. It stays on your DMV record for 10 years, whether you have it expunged or not. I am told that it stays on your insurance record for 3 years. You should hire a lawyer if you want to minimize the impact a conviction has on your record.


Agree with Matt on this one. It depends on what you mean by "record". Your DMV record? Your criminal record? Findable by those who look? Priorable? Probationary period? In Mojave the court generally sentences to probation from between 3-5 years. During that time, any violation of your terms of probation can cause a revocation and renewed penalty assessment. Priorable: 10 years. Finadable: Forever. Criminal Record: Forever. DMV: Forever, but priorable and viewable for limited times.

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