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In california, can my ssdi income become alimony. if so what is the usual portion of the monthly income.

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we have a 401K with 70K. can i give it all to her to negotiate a lower garnishment of my monthly income from ssdi.

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The 2 issues are entirely distinct from each other. The 401k is an asset and will be divided according to community property laws in California. Spousal support, or alimony, is based on your income. I have included a link below which will provide you with some more information about what the legal definition of "income" is under the Family Code. What you are suggesting is to propose a "buy-out" of your spousal support obligation. It may not be a bad idea, but you should consult with an experienced family law attorney to guide you in the process. Good luck to you!

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So are there current spousal support orders in place with a garnishment of your SSDI already in place? Also, I would want to know how long were you married, your ages, and what her income or earning potential is. You can always negotiate and come to an agreement with the other party. You should consult with an attorney to discuss how much of the 401k you are entitled to and the pros and cons of giving up your portion in exchange for keeping more of your SSDI.

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divorce has not been initiated as yet. just some preliminary questions. as to her income, she works for the school district and has an annual income between 15K and 20K. we are both 58. no current garnishment. married 26 years. im willing to give all the 401 k up to keep my income.

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