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In Broward, and Miami Dade courts that have digital recording, Is the recording available under 119 information? criminal courts

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Court reporters protecting his/her Judge in criminal courts.

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I don't know if you can get them on a Chapter 119 request but I do know that anyone can file a motion with any criminal court Judge seeking an Order that a transcript (which is a public record) be provided. You will be obligated to pay the costs associated therewith but you are almost certainly entitled to the Order and transcript.

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Not a Florida attorney. If you are speaking of transcripts of court proceedings, they are public information and available.


Hearing transcripts that have not been sealed by the court are public records, as are any documents in the court file that are not under seal. Anyone willing to pay for transcripts or copies can obtain them.

Chapter 119 requests seek information that is not public. The defense files are privileged and not subject to 119 requests. The SAO files cannot be obtained while there is an "open investigation" . However, once the case is closed, Chapter 119 may be used to obtain SAO and law enforcement files.

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In both counties the Court Reporters are not official employees of the State. They are generally third party private companies. As such, I don't think the recordings or transcripts of the recordings are subject to Chapter 119 public records requests. You can however, request and pay for, recordings from any court proceeding that has not been sealed by order of the court and pay for the costs or ask to be declared indigent for costs and then they will eventually be paid for by the State.

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