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In Brooklyn, NY ticket for Violation 1225C2A, Cellphone Improper Use of, I was not talking or texting, did not have the phone

Brooklyn, NY |

by my ear. I was holding my phone in my hand, and when I turned the Wheel, the phone came up with the wheel. I was pulled over and given a ticket. Is it a crime to just hold the phone in my hand? Can I fight a ticket like this or best to just plead guilty and pay the fine?

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It is not an issue of a crime but a violation. The new policy in Brooklyn is hands free. The phone cannot be in your hand. I still suggest fighting it because it is the Officer who has to prove his case.


Sounds like a wrongful ticket to me that we can beat.


I recall the law as amended is that merely holding it in one's hand creates at least a presumption that it was being used illegally.

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This is a beatable ticket. I suggest that you fight it. Although the law clearly says that the operator cannot hold a portable device in his hands, but with proper cross examination this ticket may be dismissed