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In Arizona I have a bench warrant for unpaid misderminor fine of 690.00 that was due in 2/2011.

Avondale, AZ |

I paid the fine last week (5/2012) by mail. 1.) How do I have the warrant removed? 2.) Can I do it myself without having to go to jail?

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Attorney answers 2


Typically, a warrant that was issued for failing to pay the fine is resolved once the fine is paid. You need to call the court where the warrant was issued and make sure that the payment of the fine resolved the warrant and the warrant is no longer out there. If the warrant is still showing, ask them to tell you why. You probably want to speak with a lawyer if the warrant is still showing.


Call the court after they have recieved your money to make sure there is no more warrent, if that is all that is outstanding some courts will remove the warrent, or they may make you file a motion to quash. Also call DMV to make sure your license is not suspended.