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In an appeal and your 4 amendment rights has been violated, how do you go about handling it ?

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You need to have a private consultation with an attorney experienced in criminal defense and appeals. Generally speaking, if an issue is not raised at trial then it cannot be reviewed on appeal. You need to get the transcript from the proceedings and have an attorney review it.

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Terry David Horner

Terry David Horner


Perhaps your lawyer determined there was no genuine 4th amendment issue. As a layperson, your perspective on what is a viable defense may vary from a lawyer's.


Well, how you go about an appeal depends on the court where the original case was heard. If it was a misdemeanor in district court, then you can appeal within 10 days to the circuit court. This allows you to have a new trial. If you waited too long, you could ask a lawyer to help you with a motion to reopen, but it is better in most cases to pursue the appeal, if possible. If the case was in circuit court to begin with, you will need to appeal to a higher court. Ask an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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Consider speaking with a local appellate attorney about: 1) whether you and "standing" to asset the fourth amendment violation; and 2) whether the attorney's failure to "use it for the defense" constitutes ineffective assistance of counsel at trial. Good luck.

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