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In a shoplifting case, When and how can evidence including police reports and surveillance tapes be obtained

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Can evidence be obtained by supoena prior to the arraignment in a case og shoplifting in order to try to get the case dismissed prior to arraignment.

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Yes in some cases although an arraignment is where you enter your plea. it's not an evidentiary hearing. May I make a suggestion? It sounds like you don't understand the legal procedures and the law very well. I would really suggest that you hire a lawyer or have a public defender appointed.


It is not necessary to obtain a subpoena. Once known to the prosecutor, evidence and information must be disclosed under ABA Rule 3.8(d) as soon as reasonably practical. Also, the landmark decision of Brady v Maryland (1963) places an affirmative constitutional duty on a prosecutor to disclose exculpatory evidence to a defendant. However, it is unlikely that you will receive this information before the arraignment.

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You make a discovery request. You will get a copy of the police report at the arraignment