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In a rape case is DNA evidence the only way to prove sex occured, or is the accused telling several others they had sex useful?

Noblesville, IN |

My finace was a victim of acquintance rape. The dna testing has not been done, yet the assault occured on October 31, 2008. We have received confirmation that blood tests results show she was drugged using GHB. From her very extreme reaction to the drug that night, it was a high dose, which could have even been lethal. Her rapist has told others they had sex that night, but that she 'went along with it'. These are not guys he is going on to this about, so the 'well, nothing really happened, I was just bragging to the boys' thing is out the window. He has told this (in detail) to some of the girls in their social group in the context of them questioning his actions that night. Does the prosecutor have to wait for DNA or can some detective work give them enough for charges?

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Despite what you see on CSI and Law and Order there is no requirement that DNA testing be done. It is most useful when the identity of the rapist is unknown. In this case you have the rapist making multiple admissions to different people. That should be enough for an arrest. Whether it results in a conviction depends on all of the facts of the case.