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In a living trust if any of the trustees gets a judgement against them can the trust be attached?

Richardson, TX |

In a living trust of a wife, husband and grandaughter as trustees , if any one of the trustees get a judgement against them , can the trust be attached?

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If the trustee is also a beneficiary this may be possible. The trustee does not own or benefit from the assets of the trust, so the creditors of the trustee cannot attach the trust.

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Like the attorney before me said, the answer does not depend on whether the trustee gets a judgment against them, but rather whether a beneficiary gets a judgment against them. This is because trustees do not own the trust money, they just have the responsibility for managing the trust assets. Therefore, if the beneficiary of a trust has a judgment against them, the trust assets can be attached, but this does not appear to be your situation.

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It depends on whether the trustee is also a beneficiary, whether there is spendthrift language in the trust, and whether the trust is revocable or irrevocable. I would have an attorney review your trust agreement and give you an opinion.