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In a lease with 2 other "friends",the 2 others are breaking the lease and moving out,can I just sublet my portion to be covered

Rochester, NY |

2 other roomates are not attempting to sublet their rooms. I have spoken to the landlord and Iam currently trying to sublet both their rooms or the entire house, which ever comes first. I know i cant be legally responsible for their rooms but im just trying to help the landlord out. I really dont want to live with strangers, if I were to just sublet out my room would i be covered legally? there is no mention of subleasing in the lease I signed and have permission to lease out the entire house or the 2 vacant rooms, (verbal permission). I can not afford to pay my portion of the rent plus all the utillites without roomates splliting it with me. advice? thanks

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Attorney answers 1


Most written lease agreements state somewhere that the responsibility for paying the rent is "joint and several." This means that each of the three tenants is responsible for the entire rent that is due during the term of the lease.

Is your Landlord letting the other two tenants out of their responsibility to pay the remainder of the rent?

Did you get permission from the Landlord to sublet or from the other two tenants? You should speak to the Landlord to get his permission first.